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Wish List

Listed below is the 2015-2016 Wish List by department. If you are interested in helping cross an item off this list, please contact the Development Office. 

Athletic Department
“L” shaped computer desk: $500 
Credenza style office desk with drawers: $500

Business Department
iPad: $600 
Document camera: TBD

Math Department
(8) TI 84 CE calculators for math teachers: $140 each

Health Services
3 stationary vinyl/faux leather chairs (washable): $200 
Metal cabinet, 72” H 36” W 18” D with locking doors: $350

Office of Student Activities
Processional Banners & Stands: $4,500 
Processional Mace & Stand: $3,000

Science Department
Stream Table: $1,425.00

Technology Department
IPad Lab with Sync Cart: $22,000

Theology Department
4 flip charts with stands: $TBD 
Blu-Ray DVD player: $75

Social Studies Department
Mobile computer lab: $25,000

4 milk coolers: $750 (used), $1,580 (new)