Final Exams

May. 20, 2020

Due to the circumstances of extended eLearning, it has been decided that we will not be giving comprehensive final exams this semester. This is a decision that was made with all Diocesan high school principals. During the end of year exam times, students will take their last unit test or submit their final projects. Teachers will communicate their expectations to students. via Canvas. Tests will be given on May 20, 21, and 22. The schedule will be as follows:

May 20 - Periods 1 - 8:00 am; Period 2 - 9:15 am; Period 3 - 10:30 am

May 21 - Periods 4 - 9:00 am; Period 5 - 10:15 am: Conflicts - 11:30 am

May 22 - Periods 6 - 9:00 am; Period 7 - 10:15 am: Conflicts - 11:30 am

Because there is not a comprehensive final, there will not be a senior privilege. Seniors, as during any other semester, are expected to take their last unit test. This test would normally be taken before final exams.

Because tests will be at specific times, it is important for students to be available for testing on these days. Please remember to notify any employers that school is in session and thus, students are not available to work during test times. It is expected that all students will log on for any test that a teacher gives at a specific time. With testing by periods, there should not be any conflicts. AP Exams are all scheduled at noon or after.