Hall of Fame

Bishop Dwenger High School instituted its Hall of Fame Awards Program in 2004 to recognize and honor those who have made a positive impact on their communities and church through their professional and personal lives. Nominees must have graduated at least five years ago. Staff members must have served a minimum of three years. Please take a few moments and consider nominating someone you feel deserves this special recognition in one of the following categories: Alumnus/a of the Year; Athletic Hall of Fame; Arts & Letters; or Citizens of Two Worlds Award.

Nominations are due March 31

Online nomination form
Nomination form (pdf)

Hall of Fame Awards

Alumnus/a of the Year - Honors a graduate who has contributed outstanding and distinguished service to his/her chosen profession and community. He/She lives out the mission of Bishop Dwenger High School in their everyday life.

Athletics - Honors the accomplishments of an alumna/alumnus or staff member for his/her accomplishments in the Dwenger athletic program, and has achieved a high level of recognition in athletics at the professional, college, or high school level.

Arts & Letters - Honors the achievements of a graduate or staff member for his/her accomplishments in the area of Arts & Letters including drama, visual arts, instrumental music, vocal music, or literature. A nominee should have achieved a high level of recognition in his/her field.


Citizens of Two Worlds - Honors an individual who through his/her actions best exemplifies the Dwenger traditions of unselfish service to others. This person has made significant contributions of time, talent and treasure over the course of his/her lifetime to our school, the Church, and the community. This award is open to both alumni and non-alumni.

Past Honorees

Alumnus/a of the Year 

Tim Shields '68
Debra (Dahm '73) Niezer 
Cathy (Dahm '70) Krouse 
Rev. Richard Sparks, C.S.P. '68
Craig Bobay '74
Charles McNulty '82
Ann Obergfell '77
Chris Schenkel '75
Tim Kearney '70
Daniel Avila '76
Rick Reifenberg, M.D. '83
Mike Shields '67
Michael Scudder '89
Patty (Shields '74) Khorshid
Angela Flood '85
Diane (Lynch '70) Hopen 
Dave Scudder '67
Alex Smith '05
Joe Bonahoom '78
Kathy (Mettler '67) Johns 
Tracy (Tyndall '93) Pabst
Burt Brunner '73
Amy Johns '95
Tim Reith '86
Cathy (Nowlan '77) Adams
Mike Obergfell ‘82
Holly (Winkeljohn '87) Brady
Thomas Niezer '78


Greg Eifert '80
Amy Hile '83
Richard Krouse
Justin Arata, M.D.
James Shields
Tom Dixon '80
Fred Tone
Andy Johns, CCHS '66
Joseph Sweeney '69
Michael Weissert '77
Lia Oberstar '95
Larry Bartomeolli
Bob Herber
Thomas O'Connell '78
Gregory Orman '78
Jim Houlihan '78
Kristin McGrade Kruse '90
Vince Mastrangelo '85
Johnathan Martin '87
Danielle (Bird '96) Cardinal
Chris Reitzug '84
Laura (Szczpanski '96) Scudder 
Eric Ade '96 
Rosemarie Nix '77
Janet Schipper '75
Karen Trahin '74
Jim Sciarini '73
Anton Talamantes '98
Lauren Gant '01
1983 State Champ Football Team
Rachel Janssen '03
Chris Dittoe '92
Randy Lewandowski '88
Jean (Marqueling '07) Longsworth 
Kevin Carretta '92
Euell Wilson '92 - Posthumous
Lisa (Miller '92) McBrid
Greg Gehl '87
Sarah Killion ‘11

Visual and Performing Arts / Arts & Letters

Lynn Berry '80
Kim (Gladieux '75) Bloom 
Michael Thomson, CCHS '59
Anthony Andorfer '82
Teresa (Quigley '80) Lamping 
Martin Tierney, CCHS '53
Delana (Druhot CCHS '50) Levy 
Nancy (Kartholl '80) Hofrichter 
Richard Brown, CCHS '47
Joseph Woods
Kim (Brubaker '85) Bradley 
Elizabeth Ledo '93
Mark Bonahoom '77
Dan Balan '95
Jeanne (Baker '75) Dick 
Vicki Junk-Wright '71
Ron Walz '67
Mitchell McKinney '85
Rick Fischer '88
Kathy (Luley '79) Schall
Zach Parrish '03
Alexandra Hall '03
Karen Hope '74
Paula Jo (Taylor '74) Marqueling 
Annette Offerle '10
Luke Offerle '12

Citizen of Two Worlds 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mastrangelo
Roy Grimmer, CCHS '40
Dee Dee Dahm
Robert Carteaux, CCHS '53
James Reifenberg
John V. Tippmann, Sr. CCHS '59
Bob and Sally Weigand
Helen Dixon
Patsy Dumas
Gene Andert
Carol Cornell
Adele Nelson
Mary (Metker '41) Voors '41 CCHS
Sam Talarico, Sr. '48 (CCHS)
Ryan Noll '10
Steve Doepker
Sandy Tone

Bishop Joseph Dwenger Award for Philanthropy 

Jim & Margaret Shields