Prayer Garden & Alumni Circle Projects

May. 10, 2019

Prayer Garden & Alumni Circle

Landscaping Projects

We have completed the landscaping around the Queen of All Saints Chapel, as well as the Alumni Circle, which is the center island by the front entrance. We invite you to become a lasting part of these projects, as there are many opportunities to leave a legacy in one or both of these areas.

You may give a gift of a paver in honor of someone special, to memorialize a loved one, or to congratulate a graduate. Or you may simply want to list your family name or have a prayer engraved on a paver. Your gift will be a permanent symbol of your support and love for Bishop Dwenger High School.

The American flagpole is dedicated to all members of the Dwenger Family who are serving, or have served, our country through the military; the Papal flagpole is dedicated to Fred Tone; our beloved, former principal; and the state flagpole is dedicated to Haley Nellum, Class of 2016, who died during her BDHS sophomore year.

Those who underwrite the cost of a tree ($1,000), will be eligible to personalize one 4 x 8 or 6 x 6 paver. When underwriting the cost of a bench ($2,500), one 12 x 12 paver may be personalized.

What a great way to honor someone special with a gift to this project!

Click here for Engraved Personalized Paver Form