Senior Ticket Graduation Information

Mar. 22, 2019

Attention Senior Families--

Preparations for Graduation 2019 are well underway!

Bishop Dwenger provides reserved seating for our Commencement Exercises.This was implemented to avoid the stress and anxiety of

securing seats on the night of the event and we are thrilled to have achieved that goal. The Bishop Dwenger Administration, in conjunction with The Embassy Theatre staff, has put into place a random draw that will issue tickets to each family. This means that the ticketing agency computer will arbitrarily select seating for each family. These six (6) tickets will be printed and mailed in April to each household with the senior mailer that provides details for all of the end-of-the-year activities. Please note that split-households will have 3 tickets mailed to each household. Your BD graduate does not need a ticket as they have assigned seating. In order to implement this process, each family will need to complete the form that you can find here. This data will be used by the ticketing agency to 1) create an account should you lose your tickets and need them replaced; 2) allow for acquisition of extra tickets;3) provide for disabled seating. The timeline for this process is as follows:

March 25 Deadline to complete online form here to create a ticket account & request disabled seating. You may also access this form by going to Bishop Dwenger Senior Corner

You must complete this step in order to reprint tickets (in case of loss), acquire extra tickets, or obtain disabled

seating. This deadline must be met.

April 15 Senior Mailer sent home [includes 6 tickets]|

May 8 The Embassy Theatre Box Office releases surplus tickets ( 2 tickets per family per day; obtained online or in person)

May 24 Graduation at The Embassy Theatre 6pm

Once each family's plans are in place, it is imperative they turn in any surplus tickets. It is disheartening to see empty seats during the ceremony knowing there are families that desperately had another loved one they wanted in attendance.

We continually strive to make this evening enjoyable for all, while coordinating close to 300 families and over two thousand attendees. This is not a simple task, but, together, we are BD!