2022-23 Christ the Teacher Award

Being a teacher can be a thankless job. We talk much about intrinsic motivation and value as educators. This is a goal of ours for our students. But teachers edify these qualities better than any other. Our calling is to give ourselves to our the Dwenger Community. In other words, this is a vocation-not a job! It is a sacrifice we love to make. From these sacrifices, Dwenger faculty have built, developed, and maintained the wonder and traditions of Bishop Dwenger High School.

Even when our teachers are away from school with our own family, we still think about our students, the plans for the week, finding time to grade, and reaching out to parents. Some of us have more time to think about it if you are coaching or moderating clubs and extracurriculars. It's like having Bishop Dwenger in our minds, on our lips, and in our hearts 24/7. 

Our teachers and staff work tirelessly and have given generously of their time and talent to you and to countless Saints that have come before you and those that will follow. Our students and parents share a special bond with the teachers that you do not easily find in other schools. Together, with pride, we take care of Bishop Dwenger High School, for what she stands for: her mission and vision in producing Citizens of Two Worlds. None of which could happen without the good works from our faculty and support staff. 

Every year, our parents, students, Dwenger faculty and staff have an opportunity to select one teacher that best matches the criteria to be named Christ the Teacher.

This year's awardee is long overdue from being recognized as a teacher who stands above all others. His sincere and humble personality makes this award all that much more deserving and special. Below are the comments made by the teacher's colleagues, students, and parents:

"He is patient, very kind, considerate, and connected to the students."
"He stays upbeat and makes learning fun and entertaining."
"He cares very much about the Dwenger Family and tries to make everyone feel like they belong."
"He gives his students the respect they deserve."
"He is Christ-like as a teacher and as a coach."
"His coaching builds confidence in the players."

Our awardee has been calling Bishop Dwenger High School his second home since he was born. His both a gentle soul and a tenacious coach. Over the past 26 years, he has served the calling to be our teacher, coach, role model, mentor, and friend. He has deservingly gained the respect from all his students, players, and colleagues. Please join me in congratulating Mr. John Tone as this year's recipient of the Christ the Teacher Award