COVID - Important Information Updates

Dear BD Community,

On this page, you will find everything you need to navigate COVID related news, information, and forms for Bishop Dwenger. Should you ever have any questions regarding COVID and how we are handling the situation, please contact the Main Office at (260) 496-4700.

At this time, masks are still optional. However, if your student returns from a 10-day quarantine, he/she should be masking through day 14.

Vaccines are optional. However, for those who wish to avoid a quarantine with vaccinations, BOTH doses (of the two-dose vaccines) must be recorded, and two weeks must have passed since the second dose. If the vaccine is a one dose vaccine, then two weeks must have passed since the dose. Students who have reached this threshold do not have to quarantine if exposed, provided they are 100% symptom free. These students should mask during the 14 days. It is not necessary to send in vaccination cards ahead of time. If your child has had a close contact, we will need to see a copy of verification of the vaccine. We do not keep copies on file. We simply verify and record the dates received.

We recommend masking in classrooms to reduce the possibility of quarantining and contracting COVID.

If students are NOT MASKED, then they will have to quarantine if exposed to someone in a classroom at less than 6 feet.

If students ARE MASKED, then they will quarantine if exposed to someone in a classroom at less than 3 feet. 

If an unvaccinated student has tested positive for antibodies, unfortunately we are not permitted to count them as “vaccinated” and they will have to quarantine the same duration as an unvaccinated student.