Saints vs Northrop Bruins - 10/15/21 - Game Information

Attention Football Fans: If you plan on attending the football game this Friday at Northrop, there are a few things to note. 

 - There will only be one area where the Bruins are selling tickets. This is located at the Southeast side of the Stadium. There is a map below of the stadium with directions. 

 - They will NOT be selling tickets at the Northwest gate. 

 - A lot of visitors park off of Cook road by the buses/baseball/softball areas. Fans will be directed to the Southwest Main Stadium Area Entrance.

 - Once entering, visitors will have sidewalk access to the South end of the stadium. 

 - Concessions and bathrooms are available on both sides. 

 - Fans are allowed to exit the game from three gates (SE,NW, & NE)

 - There will be no "pass outs". Once fans have left, they cannot re-enter without paying for another ticket. 

 - Please do not walk on the track areas when exiting.