1:1 Initiative

Bishop Dwenger High School is committed to a positive transformation of teaching and learning that brings digital resources, access, expertise, and skills to our school’s historical success and development of its Twenty-First Century Learners. This blended environment allows for learning to occur beyond our schools’ walls and beyond the traditional day.

1:1 Initiative letter from the Principal - January 2016

1:1 Initiative letter from the Principal - November 2015

1:1 Technology and Computer Imaging FAQ Letter - May 2016

1:1 Vision and Timeline

Computer Spec Sheet

Laptop Options & Order Form

Computer Imaging Information 

As discussed in the previous parent meetings, if you have a returning student and you currently own a device that has Windows 7 or higher that your student will be using during the 2016-2017 school year, A+ Computer is prepared to start imaging currently owned computers. Apple products, Chromebook, Windows Surface and computers that have Windows Vista or below WILL NOT WORK with the image. The Windows Surface Pro should be able to work, please check with A+ Computers if you have any systems in question. All devices that need imaged MUST be into A+ Plus Computers NO LATER THAN July 1st

All incoming freshmen/new transfer students for the 2016-2017 year will need to purchase one of the three options provided by A+ Plus Computer with the image installed and tested.


FAQ - Your Questions Answered

WHO IS LENOVO? Lenovo is one of, if not the largest, computer manufacturer in the world. Lenovo acquired the IBM brand of personal computers in 2004. WHY?  The Lenovo is known for its durability and the IT department has reported that the Lenovo lab has had less maintenance issues than the counterparts.

WHY DID WE SELECT THREE TYPES OF COMPUTERS? We decided that we needed multiple options that are similar. We tried to stay within a certain budget and offer both non-touch screen model and touch screen models.

WHY ARE THE COMPUTERS MORE THAN I CAN PURCHASE ON THE INTERNET? We are offering a lot of value with each computer. We are including software, in the image, that doesn’t normally come with the out of the box computers. The value includes Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher), typical cost is $99/per year, an anti-virus software, typically $25/per year, and an internet filtering software, that costs around $20/per year. These features will be part of the image on the student computers throughout his/her BD career.

WILL THERE BE ANY VALUE AFTER MY STUDENT GRADUATES? The value is contingent on the laptops’ condition. The school will give incoming freshmen the option to purchase previously used computers, starting in 2017. A consignment sale will be held at the end of the year during the Swap Shop and online through the BD website for those families wanting to sell. There will be a very small re-imaging fee by the school to reset the computer. 

WHO IS A+ COMPUTERS? A+ Computers is a locally owned computer store that has been in business since 1988. They are located at 4730 Parnell Ave. Phone # 260-482-7899. BD has a long standing relationship with A+ Computers. 

WHY DID WE GO WITH A+ COMPUTERS? A+ Computers has been BD’s provider of computer hardware since we put in our very first server and classroom of computers, over 20 years. They are local and have provided us with excellent service. They are also going to load all the software on each of these computers. We talked to multiple vendors, all but A+ Computer only wanted to sell us the computers and not install any software and set-up for us. 

CAN I PURCHASE THE SAME COMPUTER FROM ANOTHER VENDOR? Yes, but you need to have it imaged through A+ Computers with an added cost to you. 

WILL I BE ABLE TO INSTALL AND USE MY OWN SOFTWARE? Yes, you can use your computer anyway you want, it is yours. However, be aware that if your computer would require re-imaging (reload) any data or software you installed would have to be backed up prior to the re-image. 

WILL THE COMPUTERS HAVE WEB FILTERING WHILE AT SCHOOL? Yes, we filter all internet traffic when the students are using the BD wifi during the course of the school day. However, we cannot filter internet traffic when not connected to the Bishop Dwenger network. 

WHY DID WE DECIDE ON COMPUTERS AND NOT TABLETS? In our visits to other school systems, we decided that computers where the best option for the future of our high standard of education. Also, we wanted students to be able to use Microsoft Office. Most tablets cannot run Microsoft Office. Tablets that can run Microsoft Office can be more expensive than the laptops we are offering. Laptops have the ease of using a keyboard to aid in typing and notetaking. 

WHY DIDN’T BISHOP DWENGER PURCHASE THE COMPUTERS FOR EACH STUDENT? In the past, we have provided mobile labs and classrooms of computers, where there has been multiple instances of abuse. We decided that if the student/parent own the computers they would take care of them better. The students will also get to keep the computers and save all their work on them to use when they go to college. It would overall be more costly for BD to make the purchase. The computers and insurance would cost at least $500,000 and an additional 3 full-time staff members would need to be hired to maintain and support the great number of computers. The school would have had to raise the fees $200-$250 per year to cover the expense. Therefore, in the end, it would cost more to pay the annual fee, rather than a one-time buy of the computers. 

WHAT ARE THE PURCHASE FINANCING OPTIONS? You can either pay by credit card, check, cash, or 90 days same as cash (with no additional fee). Financing is also available for 6 months ($15.00 fee) and 12 months ($30.00 fee). A+ Computers has added a 10-month payment plan. This provides options for families and what is most conducive to their budget. 

WHEN CAN WE PURCHASE THE COMPUTERS? You can begin purchasing the computer immediately. A+ Computers will be keeping track of the purchases. We would like every student to have a computer by June, 2016. This will allow time for the imaging to be done and ready to start in August. 

WILL THESE COMPUTERS BE ABLE TO BE USED IN COLLEGE? Yes! They belong to the student/family. They can use it in college, unless the college designates a specific computer different from the Lenovo. 

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY STUDENT’S LAPTOP NEEDS FIXED? We are going to have multiple loaner laptops available for these students through BD to use while repairs are being done on his/her personal computer. Most repairs should not exceed 7 business days. 

WHY ARE WE GETTING 14” SCREENS ON THE NOTEBOOKS? The machines need to be transported easily. We also wanted to make sure they could fit in a backpack and locker. Also, the smaller screen size require less power, so the battery life is longer. 

WHY SHOULD I BUY A SOFTWARE WARRANTY? With the possibility of an operating system corruption, file deletion, or improper download, the warranty will allow you to get the machine reset (reloaded) to the original state. The software warranty is for the full school year. 

WHY SHOULD I BUY A HARDWARE WARRANTY? Accidents happen. A broken screen or damaged keyboard can be expensive. Screen replacements can be over $100, this will help save on costs if damage happens. The hardware warranty is for a calendar year at the time of purchase. 

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO PURCHASE OUR STUDENTS NOTEBOOK? Go to A+ Computers on Parnell Road right down Clinton Street from BD. A+ Computers is open M-F (9a – 8p) and Sat (9a – 1p). They will have sales people staffed with all our information. 

WILL I GET MY COMPUTER AT TIME OF PURCHASE? Usually you will get the computer within a few days of your order. We will need to make sure the proper software is loaded and working correctly. We will also need to make sure all the warranty information is correct for tracking, in case you need to have any repairs done. 

I DON’T HAVE INTERNET AT HOME, HOW CAN MY STUDENT HAVE WIFI ACCESS? Many places offer free wifi, such as many restaurants (McDonalds, Starbucks, Panera, etc…) as does the public library. Also, hot spots can be purchased through cellular companies, such as Verizon, for a fee. For certified free/reduced lunch families, Comcast provides a low cost hot spot. Please contact your local Comcast provider to seek more information on this program. 

WILL I BE ABLE TO JUST COME INTO SCHOOL AND LOG ON TO THE NETWORK? After the student’s computer is imaged with the BD specs, a student will be able to come to school and automatically be on Bishop Dwenger’s wireless network. 

WILL MY STUDENT BE ABLE TO USE THE NOTEBOOK ALL DAY WITHOUT CHARGING THE BATTERY? Most new notebooks last up to 8 hours on a single charge. This depends on how much the computer is being used. There will be extra chargers in classrooms along with charging stations. 

WHAT HAPPENS IF WE NEED A NEW CHARGER? A+ Computers will have them in stock if needed. Most Lenovo chargers are under $35.00. 

WILL OUR WARRANTY BE VOIDED IF MY STUDENT PERSONALIZES THE NOTEBOOK? Putting stickers and personal identification on a student’s notebook is within reason. It will not void the warranty. 

CAN WE UPGRADE THE COMPUTER? Yes. Almost all notebook computers can be upgraded. The best upgrades include upgrading the RAM (memory) and the hard drive to a SSD (solid state drive). The SSD presently is the fastest upgrade available. If interested, discuss with A+ Computers when ordering. 

WHY DON’T THE NOTEBOOKS HAVE OPTICAL DISC DRIVES (ODD)? With notebooks becoming smaller and slimmer, optical disc drives are too big to be included. Also, most software can be downloaded from either a flash drive or internet. External drives will be available in the IT department if needed by a student. 

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE NOTEBOOK GETS LOST OR STOLEN? A+ Computers will have the serial number recorded. Also, since we have the MAC address, if the computer is being used in Bishop Dwenger, we will be able to determine where the computer is within the school building. 

WHAT IF MY FAMILY CANNOT AFFORD THE EXPENSE OF THE COMPUTER? Families who have been determined through FACTS Grant and Aid will receive extra financial assistance to help with the purchase of the computers for their BD student(s). 

WHAT HAS BD DONE TO HELP OFF-SET THE COST OF THE COMPUTERS? School fees have been frozen, there will not be an increase. The annual tuition increase will not be higher than $200. 

EXPLAIN THE TIMEFRAME OF HOW THIS INITIATIVE WAS IMPLEMENTED. This has been in the planning stages for the past few years through the 1:1 Committee consisting of School Board members, faculty, administration, and an adhoc committee. Through their research, school visits, and discussions, it was determined this would be beneficial to all BD students in preparing them for college and career. We expected that there might be some resistance, in the long run this will develop 21st century skills and what is needed for education in today’s society. 

WILL TEXTBOOK FEES BE WAIVED? No, there will always be a textbook fee as the school needs to purchase workbooks and consumables. The online textbooks have a user’s fee as well that needs to be paid for annually by the school. The difference between the paper textbook and digital textbook fees are minimal. 

IS BD’S INFRASTRUCTURE ABLE TO HANDLE THIS GREAT NUMBER OF COMPUTERS? A multitude of new wifi access points have been added throughout the building resulting in a seamless connection. Certain parts of the building have been re-wired with fiber that results in a faster service for the wifi. We have also remedied the Comcast connection that plagues us at the beginning of the school year. New higher volume switches were installed and older ones were replaced. 

HOW OFTEN WILL THE LAPTOPS BE USED? Realistically, we do not expect the laptops to be used in every period during every day. The blended learning style mixes the technology with the tried-and-true methods. With the use of CANVAS, students can have their planner (calendar) at their fingertips and it allows for easy use of research, taking assessment, and turning in assignments. It will improve teacher to student communication. To learn more about 1:1 and blended learning, this site offers a variety of articles and videos discussing this educational technique: http://www.edutopia.org/blogs/tag/blended-learning. Technology has become an integral tool in the learning process. Currently our mobile labs are being used on a regularly basis with a daily wait list, so by allowing each student to have their own device, technology can be used regularly without wait. 

HOW WILL THE STUDENTS TRANSPORT THE LENOVO LAPTOP? Students will be allowed to carry their laptop in their backpack throughout the day. Students can also purchase protective sleeves. The Spirit Shop will also carry sleeves and backpacks with the BD logo on it as an option for families. It is encouraged that all students have some type of bag or sleeve to protect their computer.