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Academic Jackets

Mar. 10, 2020

Academic Jacket Recipients 

At Bishop Dwenger we take great pride in our academics and celebrate those that excel through hard work and use of their God-given scholastic talents.

So as to recognize those students earning their third semester as a Bishop Dwenger scholar, the school has instituted the presentation of an Academic Jacket to those qualifiers. Bishop Dwenger High School’s goal in instituting this program has been to make visible to the public the school’s high regard for academics. 

Seniors - Class of 2020

Katharine Beuchel
Megan Buenconsejo
Braeden Hensler
Tania Hernandez
Harrison Howe
Trevor Lake
Grace Rohloff
Marie Schenkel 

Juniors - Class of 2021

Isabelle Bauer
Julia Broerman
Olivia Clark
John Fabini
Claire Frazier
Talia Keiffer
Christian Lapp
Leah Leffers
Dominic Minnich
Andrew Nuerge
Emma Scrogham
Devon Tippmann

Sophomores - Class of 2022

Paige Aselage
Mary Baumgartner
Steven Blackwell
Joseph Bulanda
Cole Carey
Lauren Clark
Kennedy Court
Mallory DeWald
Adam Dumford
Vincent Ebetino
Jon Ellis
Karly Ewing
Morgan Farmer
Katelyn Feipel
Enedina Fernandez
Nora Foltz
William Gray
Gavin Groves
Brennan Hensler
Eva Hudson
Beau Jacquay
Edgar Kenna
Robert Klein
Erin Klingenberger
Benjamin Kurtzweg
Rebekah Landstoffer
Anna Le
Justin Le
Adam Lee
Hailey Lin
Lexi Linder
Emma Lyons
Taryn Martin
Tyler Minnich
Lilly Moore
Kaylee Mulligan
Lindsey Pesa
Magnolia Peters
Maria Post
Madelyn Pranger
Samantha Romero
Alejandra Romo
Andrew Rooney
Marie Scudder
Kelly Shea
Owen Shively
Benjamin Simcox
Grace Simcox
Evan Smith
George Strimmenos
Emily Szczepanski
Victoria Topalov
Grace Wilson
Erin Witchey
Leah Zimmerman