Academic Jackets

Sep. 23, 2020

Academic Jacket Recipients 

At Bishop Dwenger we take great pride in our academics and celebrate those that excel through hard work and use of their God-given scholastic talents.

So as to recognize those students earning their third semester as a Bishop Dwenger scholar, the school has instituted the presentation of an Academic Jacket to those qualifiers. Bishop Dwenger High School’s goal in instituting this program has been to make visible to the public the school’s high regard for academics. 

Seniors - Class of 2021

Lily DeArmond
Brooks Gray
Molly Lothamer
Athena Reno
Dustin Teders
Natalee Vogan

Juniors - Class of 2022

Kristin Bobay
Gianna Caccamo
Amya Cato
Lucas Ciocca
Emma Farrar
Alexandria Gulachek
Elizabeth Kaufman
William Kohrman
Isaac Lehrman
Colin Vance