The retreats, or days of reflection as we have referred to them as, have been realized in different ways over the past 9 years as relates to the navigation of different chaplains and their overall availability, overall curriculum, and classroom scheduling, spacing and site considerations and more. Other than the senior retreats, all others are held on-site here at Bishop Dwenger.  

Initially, these "days of reflection" were broken into 4 parts.  We would have 1/2 of the ladies for a morning and then the other 1/2 for the afternoon and then repeat the following day for the guys. It has evolved into most recently hosting all the ladies in the morning and then all the guys in the afternoon. In all attempts throughout, we have always included Mass, Adoration, and the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  At times we have had outside speakers present and other times we have presented ourselves ~ the chaplains and/or me.  

The themes/presentations center upon the patron saints for each class as well as sacramentals associated therein.  

Freshmen themes/presentations center around Faith, St. Simon Stock and the Brown Scapular.  All Freshmen are enrolled in the Brown Scapular.  

Sophomore themes/presentations center around Devotion, St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal. All Sophomores receive a Miraculous Medal.  

Junior themes/presentations center around Conviction, St. Dominic and the Rosary. All Juniors receive a Rosary.  

Senior themes/presentations center around Service, St. Juan Diego and the floral gift of roses/carnations in thanksgiving for gifts and guidance received throughout their high school years. All Seniors receive a yellow rose at graduation as well as present carnations to the Blessed Mother while on retreat off-site at St. Felix in Huntington. For seniors we maintain an all-day format for ladies one day and the guys the following day. All similar components as those listed within the days of reflection in previous grades.