Mission Statement

The mission of the Bishop Dwenger Resource Department is to provide a positive, developmentally appropriate learning environment where students can achieve SUCCESS. 

Special Education

Bishop Dwenger's Special Education program is a continuation of the ongoing movement in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend that instills the belief that all students, regardless of their ability, have the right to experience a Catholic education. Through the development of special education programs and the expansion of our resource room staff, it is our goal to meet the ever-evolving academic, social, and behavioral needs of ALL students.


Resource Room

The Resource Room at Bishop Dwenger is open to ALL students. It is a safe environment where students can get help with study strategies and other study and organizational skills. Students who need more intense help may be assigned to a Resource Period during their school day if they need additional help staying organized, relearning concepts, or help studying.

The Resource Room is staffed by a full-time lead resource teacher and two assistants. Our staff is available to answer questions and help students be successful.


Bishop Dwenger's curriculum offers a number of classes for students of all abilities.

For those students that struggle, teachers may recommend that they be placed in the Basic Level class. Currently, Basic Level Classes are offered for: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, English 9, American Literature, English Literature, and Biology. Basic Level classes are designed to help students that traditionally struggle with the pace and workload of a regular academic class.

Bishop Dwenger also offers a Basic Skills Development class for both math and English. If a student is enrolled in Basic Skills, they receive an additional 30 minutes of instruction in either reading or math. This class is only available to Freshmen.

Before and After School Assistance

National Honor Society tutors are available for walk-in tutoring at 7:20 every morning in the Resource Room. Students can bring in their homework to ask questions about material they might not understand. The time can also be used to review for tests.

After-school study tables are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:00. Resource teachers and assistants are available to help students with homework, organization, and test preparation.

St. Mother Teresa Program

The Saint Teresa of Calcutta program at Bishop Dwenger, established in 2020, is geared to maximize academic, social, emotional, and physical skills for students with moderate needs.  Our goal is to help our students become successful in all aspects of life. Students will gain critical thinking skills and further develop their independence in school and daily life, all while maintaining the principles of the Catholic identity. This program meets students where they are, in math, reading, writing, and life skills to aid in their growth as young adults.   


The Resource and Special Education Departments are blessed to have a large variety of staff members, including: a special education coordinator, lead resource teacher, resource room assistants, one-on-one assistants, and instructional assistants for the classroom. Each individual has a unique role, specific to his or her skill base.

Special Education Coordinator

  • The Special Education Coordinator oversees the entire Resource Department. Job duties include but are not limited to: teacher communication, student communication, parent communication, course research, disability best practice information, and more. The Special Education Coordinator runs all IEP conferences for students with special needs and serves as the liaison between Bishop Dwenger and Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Lauren Slater ('97)



Lead Resource Teacher

  • The Lead Resource Teacher is the anchor of the resource room. This professional is in charge of making sure the resource room is functioning daily. This role includes but is not limited to: monitoring student progress, reteaching students various material, communicating with teachers and the Special Education Coordinator, and more.

Emma Ankenbruck


260-496-4700 ext: 740

Role of Resource Room Assistant

  • RETEACH concepts and assist students in understanding instruction
  • Assist with student organization (planner, homework, etc)
  • Monitor the levels of performance from each student
  • Read tests to students
  • Organize copies of notes from teachers
  • Help students with homework and projects.

Role of Instructional Assistants:

  • Travel to various classrooms to assist teachers
  • RETEACH concepts and assist students in understanding instruction
  • Assist with student organization (planner, homework, etc)
  • Redirect students and assist with behavior modifications
  • Monitor the levels of performance from each student
  • Follow up with students in the resource room
  • Assist classroom teachers with tasks, projects, testing, and more
  • Create and manipulate instructional aids, such as: note-cards, manipulatives, quizlet, and more

Role of One-on-One Assistants

  • Students are assigned to a one-on-one assistant based on entrance criteria and present levels of performance for both behavior and academics
  • Remain with the same student throughout the day
  • Assistant helps the student with: organization, home communication, RETEACHING, behavior redirection
  • Help teacher follow the accommodations outlined in the child's IEP (get a copy of notes from teacher, read tests, etc)
  • Assist other children in need in the classroom
  • Goal: to give the student the necessary skills and tools to be successful independently


Disability Parent Resources

Indiana Resource Center for Autism

www.AskRose.org - The Homework Hotline is ready to provide free help to students in math and science. Our tutors are trained Rose-Hulman students, available Sunday-Thursday, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (EST) to take student calls, chats, and emails. 

Interested in Volunteering? 

The Resource Department is looking for volunteers to assist with various tasks in the resource room. Please contact Lauren Slater at 496-4710 for more information.