BDHS Email:

Proficient human interaction has always relied on strong communication composed of:

  • Composition of a message by the sender
  • Channel of communication
  • Reception of the message by the receiver

In today’s modern world, email is many times the preferred ‘channel of communication’. It is important for our Bishop Dwenger students to understand that for the rest of their working/professional lives, they will be responsible in the ‘reception of the message by the receiver’. In other words, they will always have a ‘work’ email in which supervisors will expect messages to be read and acted upon.

As a Bishop Dwenger student, the BD Outlook Exchange is their ‘work email’. It is the responsibility of the student to read it daily and,thus, stay updated on opportunities and school policy. In developing this habit, students will be well-served for life beyond Bishop Dwenger and provide themselves with favorable circumstances or advantages.

In a Catholic school where resources and personnel are stretched thin, email is the most efficient means of communication. Yet, this comes with the caveat of the students’ responsibility to receive the message.