Since 1963, the dress and grooming code has been a time-honored tradition at Bishop Dwenger High School. Agreement to abide by our code is part of being a BD student. Studies have proven that students have a greater chance of remaining focused during the school day when other factors such as attire are not a competing issue. Since BD has a dress code versus a uniform, it is necessary to place restrictions on clothing. Our goal is not that every student looks the same, but that students present themselves in a decent fashion.

Click here to see an information sheet on the Dress Code


  1. Color: Khaki (beige tones)
  2. Style - Dress pants: Pleats, creases and flared bottoms are acceptable. No cargo, corduroy, skinny, or denim pants. No rivets, drawstrings, oversized or short styles. Pockets must be inside only. No external pockets where material is sewn onto the outside of the pants. Pants must be worn at the waist. Low riders are not permitted—THEY ARE NOT DRESS PANTS. No frayed or hand cut parts. Pants must be hemmed and worn above the sole of the shoe. (They may not drag on the floor)
  3. Belt: If the pants have belt loops, a belt is required. Belt must be leather or fabric in traditional fashion.


Over the course of the next three years, we will be transitioning to the new Khaki, White, and Navy Plaid Wrap Around Kilt for our female Saints. This means if you have the skirt in the black/red tartan fabric, you may continue to wear it for the remainder of your Bishop Dwenger career. However, any new skirt purchases will be from Flynn O’Hara, a national uniform provider, and in the new khaki, white, and navy tartan.

This permits those who own the red/black to wear it for the remainder of their BD career.
      - New skirts will be purchased from Flynn O’Hara at this portal made specifically for Bishop
       - The new khaki, white, navy skirt is currently only offered in a wrap-around kilt, however
          Flynn O’Hara is considering offering a box pleat skirt in this pattern. We will keep you
          updated on the box pleat skirt availability.
       - The new khaki, white, navy skirt will require opaque NAVY tights to be worn with it.
          Because these may be difficult to find in standard retail stores, the BD Spirit Shop will carry
          an inventory in various sizes for cash-and-carry purchase during Spirit Shop hours. The
          tights will also be available on the BD Flynn O’Hara ordering portal.


  1. Color: Solid colored shirts ONLY in approved colors of white, maize (light yellow), navy blue, black, gray, and light blue. A conservative look is desired.
  2. Style: Collared, plain or buttoned down (buttons must be buttoned), dress shirt extending down the full-length of the front.
  3. Ties: Any professional color or design is appropriate. The tie should not be extreme; a conservative look is desired. The tie is to be tied and tightened to the collar.

Shirts must remain tucked in at all times whether standing, sitting, or stretching arms above the head. Ties must be worn at all times during the school day except during gym class, or unless otherwise specified by the administration.


  1. Color: White, maize (light yellow), navy blue, black, gray, and light blue.
  2. Style: Ladies must wear the uniform shirt purchased through the school. It may be long or short sleeved. The shirt must not be tight fitting. If too tight, a larger shirt will be required to be ordered. No school-issued shirt is to be altered to give a form-fitting look. The shirt must have two of the three buttons fastened, and cleavage and undergarments may not be visible. Undergarment sleeves may not extend below the uniform shirt sleeves. Shirts must remain tucked in at all times whether standing, sitting, or stretching the arms above the head.


Beginning with the 2019-2020, the only approved “sweater” that may be worn over a uniform shirt must be purchased in the Spirit Shop. There are three options: full-zip fleece (unisex); a button-less knit ladies cardigan sweater, and the ¼-zip pullovers, in three different materials and weights, two of which are available in both male and female sizes, and the other in unisex. All styles are in navy with the school seal

that is presently used on the girls’ polo shirts. This will allow for quick identification that the

student is compliant to the BD Dress Code.

Please note: the black full-zip fleece that has been previously sold in the Spirit Shop remains dress code-compliant.  


Color: Solid color, shades of black or brown. No stripes.

Style: Must be a dress shoe. No athletic style shoes. No canvas shoes (i.e. TOMS, Vans and Keds) or shoes with a soft rubber sole, especially those with a wide strip of rubber where the top of the shoe meets the sole. For safety reasons, heels should not exceed 1 inche and “backless” shoes, sandals, moccasins, and open toed shoes will not be permitted. All shoes must be tied and pants worn outside the shoes. Leather boots can be worn. Boots should be tied up and the pant leg must be pulled down over the boot. No knee high boots allowed.


Socks: Solid color and must be worn and be visible above the ankle at all times.

Tights: Black tights must be worn with the skirt. Tights must be opaque with no texture or designs.


Socks must be over the ankle. They must be worn and be visible at all times when dress code is in effect.


Ladies: The number of ear piercings should be conservative.

Gentlemen: No earrings allowed.

Both Genders: No other visible body piercing permitted, including but not limited to, nose, eye brows, lips, chin, and tongue.

Tattoos: Tattoos must not be visible.


Hats or head coverings are not worn inside the building.

Wallet chains are not permitted.

An excessive amount of jewelry is not permitted.


Ladies: Hair color should not be of extreme colors. Extreme hair ornaments are not permitted.

Gentlemen: Hair color should not be of extreme colors. Hair must be cut above the shirt collar and part of the ear must be visible at all times ( no buns or ponytails). Sideburns should not extend below the lowest part of the ear. No other facial hair is permitted.

Ladies and Gentlemen: At no time shall a student’s appearance be so extreme as to attract attention or create a disturbance.


No leggings. No yoga pants. No skinny jeans that are excessively tight. No jeans with rips/tears/holes. No backless shoes, sandals, flip flops, slippers. No apparel with inappropriate messages. No skirts or shorts shorter than 4” from the back of the knee. No necklines that show any cleavage (no lower than your buttoned school polo would be). No wording across the buttocks of a garment. No sleeveless tops. No pajamas. No low-riding pants with layers showing beneath. Hats that are part of the theme/costume must be removed in the classroom. BD apparel must be worn if not dressing in the theme.


  • 1st offense: Student written up, copy of violation sent home.
  • 2nd offense: Student written up, copy of violation sent home, and detention assigned.
  • 3rd offense: Student written up, copy of violation sent home, Saturday school assigned.
  • 4th offense: Review board and final probation.


The administration of BDHS has the right to modify, suspend, alter or supersede dress code policies when it is deemed appropriate. It is impossible to foresee every situation in the dress code and individual adjustment may be needed.