About the Cafeteria

Students may bring their own lunches or purchase a hot lunch in the school. Pizza or any other type of fast food may NOT be ordered and delivered to school while school is in session. Students are expected to show respect for their fellow students by leaving tables, chairs, and floors clean. Throwing food in the cafeteria will result in a two-day suspension. Food/drinks may not be taken out of the cafeteria. Pop/drinks bought at school are not to be taken into the academic area.

The cafeteria works hard to plan meals that our students like while meeting new USDA guidelines. New guidelines and menus are focused on the following issues:

  • Ensuring students are offered both fruit and vegetables each day
  • substantially increasing whole grain-rich foods
  • Offering only 1% or low-fat milk varieties
  • Limiting calories based on age of children by offering proper portion size
  • Increase the focus on reducing the amounts of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium

Calorie Guidelines for grades 9-12 is 750-850

Bishop Dwenger is following these guidelines. We review menus and make changes to encourage our students to eat the planned menus and Salad Bar instead of al-a-cart snacks. Al-a-cart standards also reflect the low fat, whole grain, and calorie guidelines on most snack items. We are dedicated to meeting new guidelines.

Our cafeteria provides a variety of food, in hope of satisfying the appetites of our students. There are guidelines that we must follow to serve our students healthy meals. We operate “Offer versus Serve” lines in the cafeteria. This method allows the student to select items from the offerings, based on the parameters of the above-mentioned guidelines. For more information on an “Offer versus Serve” line, please see the attached brochure.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you,
Vivian Hanke, Cafeteria Leader

Smart Snacks In School

Beginning July 1, 2014 all food sold on a school's campus during a school day is required to meet particular standards. A school day is the period from MIDNIGHT to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day. As this includes all items sold in the a-la-carte line and vending machines, we won't be able to sell some of the popular items we have offered previously. We are doing our best to find tasty replacements whenever possible.

COVID - Free Lunch

Please click here to learn about free lunches during the Pandemic


Bishop Dwenger has two hot lunch lines. The cost for lunch from these lines is $2.95 and includes milk. The a-la-carte line offers a variety of snack items.

ONLY one meal will be served to any student who has a negative lunch account. After that, the student’s parent/guardian will have to put money in the account in order to receive a lunch. All negative accounts need to be paid by the end of the school year. Students on Free lunches are exempt from this policy.  

Free/Reduced Lunch Instructions - All Bishop Dwenger students may receive a free regular lunch during the 2021-2022 school year.

Free/Reduced Price Application


Parents are able to login to your students' account to view balance and add funds. Student ID number is required. *Please allow 48 hours for payments to be processed.

Regular Day Cafeteria Schedule:

Breakfast: 7:25-7:50 am
4A Lunch: 10:43-11:13 am
4B Lunch: 11:13-11:43 am
4C Lunch: 11:43 am-12:13 pm

School Wellness Plan

Click here to view information regarding the School Nutrition Program and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

This Institution is an equal opportunity provider.