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CANVAS Training Tutorial

Digital Citizenship Module - Required for Every Student

Only students who have completed the Digital Citizenship Module on the “All Student” Canvas page are permitted access to the Internet while on the BD Campus. This module must be completed by August 30, 2020.

Lack of internet access may affect coursework and corresponding grades.

In the module, students will watch several videos, study some definitions and read the Acceptable Technology Usage Policy.

On their own time, but before August 31, students will take a quiz in class over the module’s content. Each student must score at least an 80% to retain internet privileges.

Students should access and complete the module as soon as possible!!! 

Click Here for detailed instructions.

Canvas Observer Account

Parents of two or more students at Bishop Dwenger High School will want to include all of their students under one "Observer" account. On Verification Day, parents initiated "Observer" accounts for one student. Now we set the account to include all students in a given family.

Click Here for instructions

Register your BD Email in Canvas

To be sure that you are receiving all necessary information in Canvas, you MUST register your Bishop Dwenger email in your Canvas account. 

Click Here for directions.

Email Accounts

In order to collaborate with and help organize students, many teachers have utilized Google products – Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Docs, etc. A Gmail account may have been created. If your son/daughter did not have a Gmail account prior to the start of the school year, ask them if they have created one. Parents will want to monitor this account for communications the student may be having with others and/or social media accounts that may be set up using this email address. 

Additional Files

What is Canvas?                                              

Student Guides                                                

Observer Guides                                              

Create a Parent Account                                

Download the app

Student file upload for assignments

What is the Observer Role?

How do I view course files as an observer?

How do I navigate a Canvas course as an observer?

How do I use the Calendar as an observer?

How can I use Canvas on my mobile device as an observer?

How do I set up my canvas notification preferences as an observer?

How do I Observe multiple Students in a Parent Account?

How do I create a Canvas Parent Observer Account?