Library Media Center

Welcome to the Bishop Dwenger Media Center! The Media Center is available during the day for student use before and after school, during lunch periods, in study hall or with a teacher pass. While in the Media Center students can take advantage of our large selection of books for simple reading pleasure, school assignments or research. Students may also use computers while in the Media Center for research, homework, Canvas and email.


Monday - Friday       7:35 am - 3:15 pm

At this time, students will be allowed in the Media Center before and after school only for printing purposes.

*Due to social distancing guidelines, students need to browse the online catalog and email me at with their book requests. I will then deliver them to you as soon as possible. When returning books, please return them to the library counter. They will then be quarantined according to ALA guidelines before they are available for future check out.

To begin browsing, click on the "BD Books" tab here


BD Books- The library catalog for Bishop Dwenger High School is available online.

Magic Wall/E-Books- Bishop Dwenger’s e-book collection is located on the website called “The Magic Wall”. You can download e-books from our collection to your tablet, I-Pad, Smartphone, Kindle Fire, or PC either at home or at school. Use the instructions provided in the area called the “App Zone”. Feel free to contact the library media center or the IT department to receive help downloading the e-books if you need it.

SIRS Researcher- ProQuest offers a growing family of classroom-focused, subscription-based educational resources that support the 21st Century information literacy needs of teachers and students across all curriculum areas.

INSPIRE- Indiana's Virtual Library, provided free of cost to residents of Indiana. INSPIRE is a collection of academic databases and other informational resources that can be accessed by Indiana residents using any computer equipped with an Internet Protocol (IP) address located in Indiana and a Web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. INSPIRE includes the following types of content: magazine and journal articles, websites, pamphlets, images, almanacs, library catalogs, and more.

Gale Opposing Viewpoints- Discover pro/con perspectives from authoritative voices. This database is free to Allen County Public Library patrons. Log in: ACPL card number.

CQ Researcher- is an online database which delves into a wide variety of contemporary topics. Each report gives an overview of the subject and then proceeds to cover the past, present and future outlook of that subject. Charts, graphs, and a debate question related to the topic are included. As an extra bonus, any updates to the original article are noted.

Allen County Public Library- The public library catalog