School Newspaper (The Golden Trumpet)

Description: The Golden Trumpet is an eight-page monthly publication including news, opinion, features, entertainment, sports, Saints Sightings, and Behind the Halo pages. Staff positions include editor, page editors, reporters, photographers, cartoonists, copy editors, distribution editors, and business manager.

Requirements: Open to all students. Depending upon the position held, students must be willing to learn interview skills, InDesign, Photoshop, and digital photography as well as be competent writers. Veteran staff members are given preference when positions are assigned.

Lettering Requirements: Students may earn numerals, BD letter, and chevrons for meeting service requirements.

Yearbook (The Aureate)

Description: The yearbook is an annual publication created by students, who meet from August to May. The staff and editors collaborate to create a book recognizing BD students, faculty, activities, sports, academics, and religious activities. The editor positions, determined by the moderator, are based on experience, enthusiasm, and commitment. The staff takes photos, designs page layouts, writes captions, edits pages, and interviews students.

Requirements: Open to all students.