Resources for Health and Well-Being

Our Pastoral Minister and Life Skills Counselor will periodically post pertinent information on this page for both our students and their parents. 

April - National Prevent Child Abuse Month

Here are some links to great articles about Child Abuse prevention. 

Click Here - US Department of Health and Human Services

Click Here - Indiana Department of Child Services


Is your senior student getting, or already experiencing, "Senioritis?" Do you see or feel like your senior student is losing motivation and not getting their tasks at school or home completed? Welcome parents to the end of school year challenges! 

Click Here to read a full article about Senioritis

Information updated 3/22/19

Self - Harm Awareness

March is Self-Harm Awareness Month, making now the perfect time to learn more about a serious issue that might not be what you think. 
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Information Updated 3/20/19

Monitoring Children's Online Activity

Excerpt from University of Michigan Article - 
Most parents would agree that one of the of the biggest modern parenting challenges is monitoring a child’s online activity.

A new study appearing in the Journal of Child and Family Studies found that parents spend more time talking with kids about the mechanics of using their mobile devices than they do about what their kids watch and download on those devices.

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Information Updated 3/12/19

Anti Fragile Faith

Watch as Fr. Michael Schmitz covers things about parenting, enduring hardships, and having faith in God even when there are setbacks and disappointments.

For YouTube Video - Click Here

Information Updated 3/12/19

Is Your Student Feeling Unusually Stressed?

“I don’t want to go to school!” “I can’t do it!” “I can’t sleep!” “Nobody else deals with this!” “Leave me alone! You don’t understand! You are not me!” “This is too much!”

These are common statements we hear at school. Sometimes students who have anxiety or more than usual stress, sadness, or anger think other students do not go through similar situations. However, there are many students who experience similar emotions related to stress, anxiety, sadness, and anger.

It is important as parents, students, staff, and volunteers, for us to take 5 steps backward, and take a deep breath with our students in order to help them. When a student is trying to cope with a ball of emotions, which has impacted their sleep and appetite, the next day is often even more difficult for them.

To read the full article by our Life Skills Counselor, Mindy Cochran, please click here.  

Information Updated 3/11/19


Worried that your student has been influenced by the newest fad; Vaping? Below are some great resources that lay out the dangers of vaping and juuling. 

The Real Cost of Vaping - Click Here

Warnings on Vaping - Click Here

What Parents and Schools Need to Know About Vaping and Juuling - Article
What Parents and Schools Need to Know About Vaping and Juuling - YouTube Video

Information Update 3/11/19