Resources for Health and Well-Being

Our Pastoral Minister and Life Skills Counselor will periodically post pertinent information on this page for both our students and their parents. 

COVID - 19

Harm to Mental Heath during Pandemic

Lockdown Impacts

Coping With Stress

Seven Ways to Manage 'COVID Stress Syndrome'

Anxiety and Mixed Emotions

Taking Care of Each Other

Tips for Social Distancing 

Coping with Stress and Depression

Talking with Children

Letter from the Diocese Regarding School Closure

Extended Online Learning Letter to Families 

What you need to know about COVID-19

What to do if you are sick

Canvas Settings - Observers

Our New Norm? - A Letter from Mindy Cochran, Life Skills Counselor at BDHS

Counseling Resources Contact List

Being Home with Family & eLearning

Information Regarding COVID-19 from Congressman Jim Banks

Free meals in Fort Wayne area

How to manage working from home, and schooling children

Bowen Center Information

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Mental Health Impact of Coronavirus

Self-Care Strategies

15 Life Skills Every Teen Should Learn

Seasonal Depression

Holiday Stress and Coping 

Beat the Winter Blues

8 Family Friendly Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

Information updated on 11/06/19


Anti-Bullying Video

Drama vs Bullying: Getting Clear with Words

Drama vs Bullying: Parents Need to Know the Difference

Sticks, stones, and drama: the truth about bullying

Teasing and Bullying, Boy and Girls

When Teasing Becomes Bullying

Information updated on 10/1/19

Attendance Matters

Statistics on Attendance

Information updated on 9/17/19

Suicide Prevention

Social Distancing and Motivation

Helping Parents with Suicide Prevention 

Reach Out -  Teen Suicide Prevention Video

September 2020 Suicide Awareness

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Card


QPR Regarding Suicide Facts

Risk Assessment Suicide Prevention Card

Suicide Facts and Prevention

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Information updated 9/9/20

Internet Safety

As parents, teachers, staff and Bishop Dwenger Family, we always need to help, encourage, and support each other. As our children grow older and we give them advice, and sometimes we get the typical teenage response, "Mom I know." or "You told me before." I encourage you to sit down with your youth, and talk with them about their use on the internet.

We need to be aware what our youth are doing on the internet. As well as how much time they are spending on the internet. The school year is back into full swing and mid terms are just around the corner. During the school year, it is good for us to set limits for our youth on how much they are surfing the internet or on social media. Setting time limits for our youth also allows us to help them with time management for their academics, extra curricular activities, home responsibilities and family time. Yes, family time. How many times a week are we sitting down at the dinner table together as a family and spending time together? Family time is a great way to connect with each other, talk and laugh together. Even us adults need to put our electronics away.

I encourage you to also revisit with your youth about internet safety. Several agencies like Indiana State Police, and National Crime Prevention Council encourage parents to monitor their youth's internet usage. We need to be aware of what social media they are using. In addition, what are the websites they are visiting. We also need to have reminder conversations with our youth about what is appropriate and not appropriate to say or "post" on the internet.

You will find attached various documents to review and share with your family. 

7 Time Management Tips for Teens

15 Dangerous Apps

Family Guide to Using the Internet

Online Safety Tips for Parents

Online Safety Tips for Teens

Safe Social Networking

Safe Surfing

Information Updated 9/4/19


Worried that your student has been influenced by the newest fad; Vaping? Below are some great resources that lay out the dangers of vaping and juuling. 

Teen has Near-Death Vaping Experience

Quitting Vaping - May be Harder than Smoking

How Vaping Can Affect the Teenage Brain

Some CBD Contain Street Drugs

Worried Your Teen is Vaping?

Truth Initiative:Inspiring Tobacco Free Lives

CDC: Smoking and Tobacco Usage

Vape Free Indiana

NY Times News Article

Common Health Article

Everything you wanted to know about vaping

Vaping Possibly Tied to Hospitalization - Click Here

The Real Cost of Vaping - Click Here

Warnings on Vaping - Click Here

What Parents and Schools Need to Know About Vaping and Juuling - Article
What Parents and Schools Need to Know About Vaping and Juuling - YouTube Video

Information Update 11/06/19