Tuition & Assistance

2021-22 Tuition and Fees Per Student 1st Student 2nd Student 3rd Student               
Parishioner Grades 9-11 $8,523 $8,273 $8,073
Parishioner Grade 12 $8,648    
Non-Parishioner Grades 9-11 $10,023

Non-Parishioner Grades 12 $10,148
**There is an extra $125.00 fee for Senior graduation

Parking Permit $50 
Schedule Change $10
Transcripts - Free for current students, $5 per copy for alums - please contact Guidance

Financial Aid Night

Financial Aid Night Video

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Tuition Payment Plans

Parents are required to enroll in one of the four payment plan options available through FACTS Management:

  • Full Payment Plan: Pay at school by check or cash before August 1 (no fee)
  • Full Payment Plan: Automatic payment through FACTS Management in July or August (no fee)
  • Semi-Annual: Pay one-half of tuition & fees by August 1. Balance may be paid by December 1st at the school, balances paid through FACTS Management will be paid in February with an additional $30 service fee.
  • Monthly Payments: 10 automatic monthly payments of tuition and fees through FACTS Management beginning in August, with an annual service fee of $80 added to the total tuition and fees. A partial payment, though not mandatory, can be made at the school prior to the monthly payments.

If you do not have a FACTS account, please click here to enroll.

Tuition Assistance

Bishop Dwenger High School makes every effort to keep tuition costs at the lowest possible level while providing a quality Catholic education for young men and women throughout the greater Fort Wayne area. We understand that some families may find it difficult to fully cover the cost of tuition and fees. In order to assist families in meeting the rising cost of education, Bishop Dwenger has put together a comprehensive tuition assistance program.

The tuition assistance program includes tuition grants which are a result of Diocesan support, funds from the endowment, and from our school’s major fundraiser, Saints Alive!. We also provide a number of need-based scholarships which are a result of generous benefactors, our alumni, and friends of Bishop Dwenger High School. We encourage any family who thinks they may have a financial need to apply for assistance. We also offer a payment plan in which the family may spread the tuition payments over a ten-month period of time.

Annually, Bishop Dwenger High School awards close to a million dollars in need-based aid and scholarship assistance; typically, more than half of our student body is receiving some form of tuition assistance. We encourage you to contact Bishop Dwenger High School should you have any questions about our Financial Assistance Program.

Indiana School Choice Scholarship

Bishop Dwenger High School is proud to be a Choice Scholarship school. Recent state legislation now provides funding to students and their families who meet the state income guidelines. The scholarships (voucher) could be worth as much as $5,000+ for each child and is applied toward tuition and fees.

Eligibility for the Choice Scholarship Program is based on family income as reported on the 1040 of the most recent year's taxes. We would be happy to help you understand this program better. For more information about the Choice Scholarship Program, please contact Kim Cochran, our Choice Scholarship Program Coordinator at or 496-4705. Click here for more information regarding eligibility

This legislation makes Catholic education a reality for many of our families.

Diocesan Tuition Assistance Opportunities

The following are additional Diocesan tuition assistance opportunities available to incoming freshman, as well as students currently attending Bishop Dwenger High School.

Parish Scholarships: Contact your pastor or parish school office to inquire about the availability of scholarships to Bishop Dwenger High School.

Hope Scholarship Fund: This fund is awarded only to the students of teachers or other Diocesan employees who demonstrate financial need. Priority shall be given to the teachers of the Diocese. Anyone wishing to apply for the Hope Scholarship must first apply for tuition assistance through FACTS. 

Bishop Dwenger Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarship: The Bishop Dwenger Merit Scholarship will be awarded annually to those freshman students earning top scores on the Merit Scholarship Exam given each year. A total of $5,000 in merit scholarships will be awarded annually. Typically, five to eight scholarships are awarded in the range of $500 to $1,000 each. These scholarships are allocated solely on merit, not financial need, and are applied to the students’ tuition for their first year at Bishop Dwenger.

Need-Based Scholarships: Bishop Dwenger High School is pleased to offer many need-based scholarships, the majority of which are endowed through the generous donations of alumni, parents, and friends. All scholarships, are based on need, with the exception of the James E. Robinson Merit Scholarship. Most scholarships are open to incoming 9th grade students only. Some, however, are available to students in grades 10 – 12. Typically, we offer just one scholarship per student. Additional tuition assistance may be offered in the form of need-based grants. The awarding of scholarships may have an effect on the total amount of additional tuition assistance offered by the school. 

To apply for a need-based scholarship, please click on the appropriate link below, either for current students, or for incoming students, to complete your application. Applications must be submitted prior to April 15. Thank you. 

Click Here for a list of all available scholarships. 

Click Here for Current Student Scholarship Application

Click Here for Incoming Student Scholarship Application

Applying for Tuition Assistance

Bishop Dwenger High School uses FACTS Management Grant & Aid Assessment to help determine a family’s financial need. To apply for a need-based scholarship or tuition assistance grant a family must:

  • Complete the FACT Management Grant & Aid Application Form by April 1. There is a non-refundable application fee of $35 for 2021-2022 school year.
  • FACTS Website - Click Parent Login, then choose Payment Plans/Financial Aid
  • Provide FACTS with a copy of your most recent IRS Federal 1040 Income Tax Return, including all supporting tax schedules
  • Provide FACTS with a copy of your most recent W-2 Form for both you and your spouse, as applicable

Applications for tuition assistance received after the deadline may delay, and possibly reduce, tuition assistance availability. Once the applications are processed, aid is awarded based on need and availability of funds. All forms for need-based assistance are available through the Business Office.

Additionally, if a family wishes to apply for a need-based scholarship through Bishop Dwenger, they must:

  • Complete the FACTS Assessment process outlined above
  • Submit the appropriate scholarship application by April 15

Applications for need based scholarships will not be accepted after the deadline. Applications are distributed at registration. They are also available after registration in the Business Office.

Contact Information

Tuition, FACTS, and Tuition Assistance Information
Tom Tidwell, Business Manager
(260) 496-4704

Scholarship Information
Katie Burns, Development Director
(260) 496-4706

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