Vocations and Information

Please keep the following BDHS alumni in your prayers as they continue to do the work God has called them to do through their religious vocations. If you know of any other alumni serving in a religious vocation, and he/she is not listed, please email that information to Jason Garrett at jgarrett@bishopdwenger.com


Fr. Philip Ley, Class of 1967
Fr. Nathaniel (Greg) Reeves, OSB. Class of 1968 
Fr. Richard Sparks, Class of 1968
Fr. Joe Gaughn, Class of 1980
Fr. George Gabet, Class of 1980
Fr. Matthew Coonan, Class of 1999
Fr. Terrence "Tink" Coonan, Class of 2003
Fr. Chris Lapp, Class of 2004
Fr. Zachary Barry, Class of 2006
Fr. Patrick Mary Brisco, Class of 2006
Fr. Eric Burgener, Class of 2007
Fr. Patrick Hake, Class of 2009
Fr. David Huneck, Class of 2009
Fr. Nathan Maskal, Class of 2009
Fr. Thomas Zehr, Class of 2009
Fr. Dan Niezer, Class of 2011 
Fr. Spenser St. Louis, Class of 2011

Religious Brothers & Sisters:

Sister Mary Denise Klein, Class of 1976, Missionary Sisters of Charity
Sister Mary Hoevel, Class of 1984, Sisters of Notre Dame
Sister Sarah Randall, Class of 1984, Sisters of St. Margaret (Episcopal Religious Order)
Jessica Hayes, OV, Class of 1996
Brother Joseph Trout, Class of 2004, Dominican Order  
Sister Issac Marie Breckler, Class of 2008, The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
Sister Abigal Lyon, Class of 2015, The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist


Brian Isenbarger, Class of 2008
Dan Koehl, Class of 2011
Keeton Lockwood, Class of 2012
Samuel Anderson, Class of 2013
Logan Parish, Class of 2013
Jake Schneider, Class of 2013
Noah Isch, Class of 2018

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Prayer for Vocations

Loving God, you have made us in your image and likeness,
and for this we will praise you forever.
As we pray this Prayer for Vocations,
we call to mind the priests and consecrated religious
whose lives have been instruments of holiness.
Thank you Lord for the gift and inspiration each of them has been,
proving that your steadfast love endures forever.
Through the intercession of the Blessed Mother,
St. Sebastian, and St. Maria Goretti,
we pray to you Lord Jesus,
that more men and women will open their hearts to your loving plan.
We pray especially for those whom you are calling
to serve the church as priests, deacons, sisters and brothers.
Help them to hear and answer your call to discipleship.
Bless our families Lord, so that they may become
instruments of holiness and peace.
Let us give thanks to the Lord for He is good
and His steadfast love endures forever.