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World Languages

French Club

Description: French Club offers opportunities for students to further their knowledge of the French language and culture.

Activities: Playing games, making French cards for holidays, eating dinner at a restaurant and speaking French, participating in scavenger hunts, and building cookie Eiffel towers.

Requirements: Open to all students. Students only need be interested in learning French culture, they do not have to be enrolled in a French class.

Latin Club

Description: This club explores the complexities of the Latin language and culture through monthly celebrations.

Activities: Monthly festivals are planned by students and have previously included costume competitions, classical cook-offs, catapult competitions, Latin Christmas Carolin, and Roman inspired games. 

Requirements: You must be enrolled or have taken a Latin class at BDHS.

Spanish Club

Description: Spanish Club offers opportunities for students to further their knowledge of Spanish language and culture.

Activities: Students participate in Conversation Dinners, volunteer work with members of Hispanic community, tutor students in Spanish, and participate in the Fall Fest for foreign exchange students.

Requirements: You must be enrolled in Spanish classes of any level and attend Spanish Club meetings.