Art Club

New Club! Working to gather information!

Moderator: Elisa Scheribel,

Baking Saints

Description: Food in general is a way of bringing people together. The Baking Saints Club goal is to make a difference in our school and community, bringing people together by a means which we are all familiar with and appreciate—delicious food. No experience necessary!  

Requirements: $10 fee to join and completion of Food Safety and Handling edPuzzles.

Moderator: Andrea Wolfe,

Book Club 

Description: Book Club is open to all students looking to read and discuss novels of their choice. Books are suggested by members and then chosen at random, ensuring all students' suggestions are heard. The group meets weekly to discuss in person, but online discussion can also be utilized. The club gets through about four to five books a year. 

Requirements: There are no requirements to join, and students are welcome to join anytime throughout the year.

Moderator: Jill Schriner,

D & D Club

Description: In this game, players form an adventuring party who explore fantasy worlds together as they embark on epic quests and level up in experience. 

Requirements: There are no requirements, really all we do is build our characters and play the game!

Moderator: Michael Tomlinson,

Game Club

Description: It is a club for students to come in and play various board games, cards games, and other table top games. 

Requirements: There are no requirements, really all we do is have fun and play games!

Moderator: Michael Tomlinson,

Philomena's Friends

New Club! Working to gather information!

Moderator: Shannon Pierson,

Table Tennis

Description: The Table Tennis club is a fun after-school club open to all abilities and skill levels. Anyone can come after school from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm two days per week starting at the beginning of November to the end of February and participate in weekly tournaments held in a variety of formats or to play a fun game with friends. 

Requirements: There is no time commitment --  anyone can come play at any time. A $5 dues payment is encouraged, and it pays for use of the equipment throughout the year." 

Moderator: Andrew Jones,