Saints For All

Description: Biweekly meetings that include discussions, speakers, and events to educate about diversity and inclusion.

Moderators: Chad Chenowith,, and Fernanda Becker,

Students for International Topicality Awareness (SITA) Club

Description: Students for International Topicality Awareness (SITA) draws attention to issues of persecution and human dignity that are taking place in many parts of the world. The group discusses these issues in relation to the current events that surround them and the policies which have led to them. Furthermore, they discuss these issues modeling fundamental principles of Catholic Social Teaching, taking an empathetic approach and avoiding unnecessary political attachment to the issues. SITA seeks to provide information about the true issues in the modern world and change that world for the better through awareness.

Activities: The club meets every two weeks to discuss a social justice issue that is taking place in the world. Every meeting covers a new topic including the Philippine drug war, corruption in anti-right policies of Brazil, India's Citizenship Amendment Act, the Armenian ethnic cleansing, Uighur persecution, and many other topics. Heightened awareness of these issues allows for discussion and dissection of information relevant to our Catholic Social Teaching. 

Requirements: One must simply attend the meetings with an open mind and willing heart to participate in the discussion of some of the world's most-oft-ignored atrocities. 

Moderators: Nick Miles,, and
Tom Kenny,