Apologetics Club

Description: The Apologetics Club meets weekly to help students practice giving a reasoned defense of the Catholic Faith. 

Activities: Mock debates and occasionally a book study.

Requirements: The club is open to any interested students. 

Moderator: Nick Miles, nmiles@bishopdwenger.com

Decade Club

Description: All students are invited and encouraged to take part in the student lead Decade Club which offers an opportunity for mid-day, lunch time prayer in the Queen of All Saints Chapel.  Students arrive to the Chapel on their way to lunch to join with 20-50 other students in offering prayer intentions, praying a decade of the rosary, and concluding with meal prayer before continuing on to the lunchroom.

Moderator: Jason Garrett, jgarrett@bishopdwenger.com

Liturgical Ministry

Description: All students are invited and encouraged to be a part of our liturgies, especially all school masses. Students can be trained as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Server, Lector and more.  

Moderator: Jason Garrett, jgarrett@bishopdwenger.com

Rosary Makers Club

Description: The praying of the Rosary is one of the more visible signs of our Catholic faith. Come learn how to create a rosary out of twine.

Activity: All will learn how to make knotted Rosaries for missions in need. Discussion of the history, and spiritual strength attained through this devotion takes place during the meetings.

Requirements: This group is open to students of all grade levels, as well as adults, who have a willingness to learn to make as many sacramental items as possible during the school year. 

Moderator: Nancy Yorke, nyorke@bishopdwenger.com 

Saints for Life

Description: Saints for Life is committed to promoting and defending the sanctity of human life.

Activities: Pray the rosary for the unborn. The group sponsors a National Pro Life T-shirt Day, participates in both the National March for Life and the Allen County March for Life, and promotes Christ Child collections and Women’s Care.

Requirements: We welcome all students and staff.

Saints for Life Mission Statement: "Saints for Life" is an organization dedicated to promoting the sanctity of human life. We uphold the teaching of the Church that all people are created in the image and likeness of God for a specific purpose. Social patterns, public opinion, and technological advances often cloud human reason and encroach on this divine plan for creation. In response, we dedicate ourselves through prayer, education, and civic action to promote the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

Moderator: Nancy Yorke, nyorke@bishopdwenger.com

St. Mother Teresa Club

Description: This is a student led group resolved to do small acts of kindness with great love, all based on the teachings of St. Mother Teresa.

Activities: Students participate in several activities throughout the year including: St. Nicholas candy cane greetings, prolife chalk walks, and notes of encouragement to people in need.  Students learn the virtue of humility by choosing one act of kindness each month as the Sisters of Charity still do.

Requirements: Be present and follow St. Mother Teresa’s teaching as best you can.

Moderator: Nancy Yorke, nyorke@bishopdwenger.com