Because the stadium is finished, it is understandable to assume the project has been completely funded. However, this is not the case. The construction of the stadium was completed on a fast-track. The early project cost estimates gave us a comfort level in our ability to reach the financial goal and fund this entire project. Unfortunately, as is often the case, there were some unforeseen issues which had to be addressed. The Allen County Storm Water Management Department added some additional requirements to the scope of work. This burden, along with the needed replacement of deteriorated underground piping and structures, drove up the initial total project cost estimate by approximately half a million dollars.

This stadium project encapsulates the connection of community, family, and the authentic compassion people have for BD and its future Saints. We talk with much pride about our students, faculty, and successful athletic and academic teams. Let’s harness the Dwenger spirit, pride, and traditions; we cannot miss this opportunity to act! Our parents and grandparents saw the need to build this beloved school and made great sacrifices to make it happen. Now, it’s our generation’s turn to be good stewards; to improve and strengthen BD for the next 50 years!

Please give prayerful consideration to making a gift to a project that has already brought much joy and excitement to our campus. We are thankful for any gift that will help us reach the match and our goal of paying off the loan.

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